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MusiCHI Suite: Version history
Version history
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16-Sep-2011 New features in MusiCHI Suite Version 2.1


  • Can play audio tracks even if it is not part of a library, just drag and drop the files or folders in the playing queue.
  • Play lists are compatible with m3u or m3u8 formats.
  • Can reorder in the playing queue, your playlist manually (click the change order button, or right click menu change order then drag the tracks where you want them to be.
  • Can batch edit your files by sending the selected records to the MusiCHI Tagger in one click (Ctrl-T or right-click menu Edit tags > Invoke the MusiCHI Tagger).
  • Can remove selected tracks from the current library; it will invoke the Library Manager and remove the entries.
  • Provide a “carrousel album covers view”; it works on either Albums or Compositions with embedded covers or direct path to the graphic files.
  • Can change display to bigger font sizes; so you can operate the player from a distance (couch?) with a wireless mouse and using the Windows virtual keyboard.
  • Can display the booklets if stored in the same folder as the album (pdf files only).
  • Can browse some Url (http) if they were stored in the comment field; very handy if you want to link a Wiki page.
  • Can play 352.8 KHz studio master files; tested with the M2Tech Dac Young and ASIO4ALL.

Entire Suite

  • Completely redesigned the Library manager interface for a more convenient use.
  • Support for the Ape format, although it cannot embed the graphic album covers in the audio file.
  • Undo feature while editing, to revert to previous metadata values in case of erroneous changes.
  • A new classical flavor hierarchy (Period, Instruments, and Genres) is included, designed in collaboration with a musicologist.
  • For classical music: if you convert some files to mp3, you can replace in the destination files the “Album artist” or “Composer” fields by  “Artist”, or “Composition” by “Album”, therefore making the output files more compatible with the tags that portable players can understand, without compromising the quality of your metadata on your main library.
  • We provide a classical demo library (aka the “Sand Box”), with clips courtesy of Hyperion Records, so one can see an example of metadata the “MusiCHI way” and experiment freely with the tagging features we provide. you can get it here as well

Library manager

  • Can make a copy of the library and changing the audio files paths; a very useful feature if you use different computers with different drive letters like another PC with the same NAS or moving a USB device.
  • You can call the MusiCHI tagger by loading the folders who had problematic tracks; located in the “Fixing problem” tab and “MusiCHI Tagger” button.
  • If you have duplicate files having added a CD twice, it will clean the library keeping only one instance; located in the “Fixing problem” and “Fix duplicate files” button.
  • Can export and save the entire library content to a Tab delimited text file for printing (a spreadsheet by example)


  • Can get any covers form Amazon, irrespectively if the numbers of tracks do match or not; in effect now, you can choose any covers you like to be embedded.
  • Redesigned “Clipboard” tab so you can import information from any sites (including iTunes) in case Amazon of FreeDB do not have data.
  • When a CD is done ripping the ROM drive bay opens.
  • Can be set to add the new tracks automatically to a library after the ripping is completed, or be prompted by a question before doing so, or do act in this matter.

Tagger & Ripper

  • Has an “How to tab” to help the user with links to the help files topic and videos
  • Menu entries have context sensitive menu explanations and help.The same reference data “MusiCHI Clean” is available for compositions as well, now we support only Mozart, Bach JS, Beethoven and Vivaldi but we will provide more and more composers as time goes by. The output can be formatted as the user desires: languages, tonality, Opus, catalogs number etc.
  • Have option with “MusiCHI clean” to have the performer listed either Callas, Maria [Soprano] or Maria Callas [Soprano].


29-Nov-2010 Launch MusiCHI Suite Version 1.5




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